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Thank you for visiting the online store of the Jeune Filles Entrepreneuses de Kaolack (J-FEK), Young Women Entrepreneurs of Kaolack. Although part of the larger 10000 Girls program, J-FEK is designed to be a self-sustaining business division as well as a vocation training program.

Our online store is currently offering products from our Celebration Sewing Workshop, as featured on CNN. Please note, however, that although all our profits do support the 10000Girls program, your purchases here do not count as charitable tax deduction. (To make such a donation, please visit Share our success).

All our goods are carefully handmade in Kaolack, Senegal. Each is truly a one-of-a-kind item, crafted with care and love. We use 100% cotton fabric *, polyester thread, and some doll garments have plastic buttons. (*Excepting our beach mat ). So for safety's sake, we do not recommend our dolls to be purchased for small children under five years of age.

The pictures below -- or the links in the menu on the left -- will take you to the product page, description, price, and shipping and handling for each item. Thank you for visiting Dolls.10000Girls.org!

Our Products
large doll
Handmade Doll, Large size
Handmade Doll, Small size
Baby-care set
kitchen set
Kitchen set
Table set
Beach mat
Cosmetic bags (w/ plastic lining)

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